Swan & Co. (Marine Surveyors) Ltd

Range of services to the Northern and Southern North Sea include;

Cargo Surveys

Oversee the loading and return of drilling and completions products and any other specialised bulk cargoes. These will be subject to measurement of quantities, by both vessel and chemical supplier and documentation will be required as supporting evidence, signed off by all parties.

We shall be required to make independent checks on ship and shore, start and finish quantities and take product samples as required.

In order to ensure that these operations are carried out correctly we have expert knowledge in the following areas.

Tank Inspection

We provide personnel to conduct inspection of vessel tanks, to ensure fitness for purpose in the carriage of all drilling and completion bulk products.

We provide timely advice on the necessity to clean tanks to the required standard prior to loading, taking into account last commodity carried and next commodity to be shipped.

In tank cleaning operations, we utilise only those personnel who are certified and highly experienced in confined space entry.

Tank Cleaning Supervision

We oversee and co-ordinate tank cleaning operations to ensure that all HSE controls are in place, and develop tank cleaning standards and minimize the requirements for tank cleaning and tank entry.

We oversee the co-ordination of tank cleaning operations, pre-tank entry and equipment checks, pre and post tank inspection and reports. Experience of standards and NWEA Guidelines for tank cleaning shall be utilised.

Specialized Products

We provide management of high cost specialized products including, but not limited to, Caesium Formate, glycol, Potassium Formate and Calcium Bromide. Delivery procedures and stand alone cleaning procedures shall be addressed and implemented.

Noxious Liquids

We provide surveying and managing the delivery and tank cleaning procedures of any noxious liquids to be utilised, e.g. Glycol, Methanol and Zinc Bromide.

We will identify vessels that can be utilised and providing stand alone procedures for delivery and utilizing Marpol Surveyors for cleaning operations.

Marpol Surveys

We provide supervision of loading/discharging of special bulk cargoes such as zinc bromide brine, methanol and glycol in bulk and the need to ensure that all special precautions required in handling such substances are observed.

NOTE - All surveyors to be a registered and approved under Marpol.

Ship to Ship Transfers

We provide close supervision of ship to ship transfers of carious bulk cargoes including the need to ensure that all safeguards against spillage are taken and that all required pollution prevention equipment is in place. The NWEA Guidelines for the Safe Management and Operation of Offshore Support Vessels must be used as the minimum standard for the conduct of the transfers and the appropriate check lists, contained therein, used on every transfer.

Waste Products and Waste Control

We understand and have experience with the "Carriage of Contaminated Cargoes" and have the ability to implement the afore-mentioned practices in the North Sea.

Competent Analyst / Gas Free Surveys

We provide qualified competent analyst(s) to carry out Gas Free surveys. This can either be for entry only or "hot work" operations.

On / Off Hire surveys

Wel manage on- and off-hire of vessel(s), including supply, anchor handling and standby vessel(s), by monitoring and checking vessel tank soundings, tank condition and recording findings.

We retain copies of all soundings and calculated quantities per tank as back-up. Survey’s also to include Master's safety brief as defined and required by COMPANY’s Marine Department. Any problem found with a vessel during the on-hire survey to be advised to COMPANY Marine Operations.

Marine Gas Oil

We will oversee tank cleaning procedures inside vessel fuel tanks and certifying tanks for cleanliness and fit for purpose, addressing sampling techniques and testing when required.

IMCA Audits

We carry out full IMCA audits on all supply, anchor handling and standby vessels as and when required. Full report shall be issued to COMPANY on findings.

Damage Survey

We carry out full damage surveys of vessels or cargoes when required, with a comprehensive report to be issued on completion.